Sunday, 22 May 2011


Another interesting day in the Greater Toronto Area.  Meteorologists were predicting rain for the whole weekend.  Yesterday was gorgeous and today started out cloudy, but after 10 minutes of rain, the Sun came out and a couple of hours later you couldn't even tell that it had rained.  It shows what they know.  Reminds me of the time when they were saying 60% chance of rain when it was pouring outside.  It makes you wonder if they ever look out their windows when they make these predictions.  They were probably too busy looking at sheep intestines and tarot cards to see what was happening outside.
Anyway, the day was a success.  We had a BBQ, grilled some Polish sausages and some marinated pork, yummy...  A friend dropped by with beers, we reminisced about old times - mainly games we used to play.  We talked about the future and where we might be headed, but more on that some other time.
My apologies for the entry not being more interesting, but I just wanted to share the fact that life is beautiful, despite all its ups and downs.


Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Rapture

The zombies almost got us on the way home from a 10 km hike, but I managed to fight them off with a stick.  Other than the hordes of undead, it was a wonderful day with my wife.  The weather was perfect - sunny, not too hot, the bugs were scarce and a nice breeze was there to cool us off when needed. I had to push her up a few hills, but we made it home alive and that's all that matters.  Then we visited Indian friends in Hamilton.  I love Indian food, especially the home-made stuff we had today.  Big thanks to our hosts.
However, the rapture itself was a lot more painful than I expected.  Oh wait, it wasn't a rapture, it was just a bowel movement.  Maybe Harold Camping can get it right next time.  Third time's the charm.